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nonbinaryjuuzou sent: omfg im going on the 26th too :') <3

Awesome, feel free to send in your pics from the show, and pictures if you get to meet Brandy or anyone in BOTDF. :) 

iceninekills sent: Hey did you go to the BOTDF bad blood tour? Do you know whos opening by any chance?(:

I haven’t gone yet because they haven’t come to my city yet. My date is later this month on the 26th. I know Farewell, My Love and The Relapse Symphony, and Haley Rose are on the line up, so either one of them could be opening. I don’t know their exact order though.  

I know I haven’t been on here a lot, but I’ve been busy. I apologize for not posting, but I will be posting a lot more. 

If you go to the Bad Blood tour, and get pictures of or with Brandy, or Dahvie or Jayy or anyone else in the band, feel free to send them in and share your tour stories. 

Have you gotten the Bad Blood album yet? If not it is available in stores and on itunes. If you need the link to download Unchained here it is

Happy Birthday Brandy.
Can I just say that I want Jeffree&#8217;s hair and Brandy&#8217;s necklace.